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National Novel Writing Month ...

Posted by arctic_twilight on 2005.07.21 at 12:49
National Novel Writing Month ... write the great american novel in 30 days' time ...

This sounds like a crazy idea, and one which might produce awful or half-best results, but I'm still thinking of giving it a try ...


OK, so who's in? I'll do it if someone else does ...

(oh, it's November, so you have a bit of time to psych yourselves up for the fun.)

Also, if someone wants to suggest crazy story ideas, I'm all ears :-)

let me ask a question ...

Posted by arctic_twilight on 2005.07.05 at 13:33
I don't have regular internet access because I'm in the middle of a cross-country move right now, and I am reliant upon free wifi hotspots.

But ... there doesn't seem to be much interest in this. I'll give it a week or so, but I'm tempted to tear the blog down and consider it a failure. Interesting conundrum ... a bunch of writers not interested in another writing medium.

So ... the question is: any objections?

The Luscious, Very Kissy, Smoochy Valentine Poem

Posted by _tadpole_ on 2005.06.28 at 22:52
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Michael Dennis Brown, poet, had us recite this today at Elevenses, and it was so popular, I thought I'd render it for those who want a copy. If you appreciate this service, please look at the other blog entries and leave your comments there too! Current message boards include restaurant and good instructor recommendations. Jump on in!

The Luscious, Very Kissy, Smoochy Valentine Poem
-3rd grade class poem, Whapeton Elementary, North Dakota

Kiss me sweetheart,
I'm your brainless mudpie.
Kiss me, baby,
You're an empty piece of paper
for me to smooch
With muddy lizard fish lips.
I love you true
Like O + O = 2 zeros,
But even math has problems!

Kiss me sweetheart,
My blue kangaroo.
I love you true
As bats hate light!
be my earthquake, darling,
Be my molten lava honeybun
And we'll spin around
Like Earth kissing Mars!

Kiss me, luscious lips.
Pulverize me,
Make me melt
Like ice cream.

Kiss me darling,
My dancing pineapple,
My rubber cement
My broccoli popsicle.

Kiss me, you fool!

Good Eats in Iowa City?

Posted by _tadpole_ on 2005.06.27 at 09:10
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Current Music: my air conditioner rattling at the Mayflower
Ah the conundrum...food food glorious food...what is there to eat in Iowa City? I want to start a list of places where things are yummy. Here is my two cents:

For takeaway sandwiches and general delicious healthy treats, the deli and hot food counter at New Pioneer Co-op can't be beat. It's at 22 South Van Buren Street...literally two blocks from downtown.

Red Avocado at 521 East Washington St (ie kitty corner from the co-op) has organic veggie cuisine and an awesome little garden to sit around in. They have an AMAZING green salad, impeccably dressed.

Atlas World Grill...lots of people find Atlas (127 Iowa Ave). But it's real good, if you're up for a splurge. Last time I went there Michael Cunningham was at the table behind me.

Wi-fi hotspots Java House (try the tropical iced tea!) and The Cottage Bakery and Cafe (14 S.Linn St) are great hang-out options. The Cottage has good warm lunches. Java House (College St) is a likely place to bump into fellow workshop participants.

Happy Dining. Remember: you can't write if you're hungry!

raves about workshops/instructors

Posted by arctic_twilight on 2005.06.24 at 00:10
Several people have informally talked about the workshops they highly recommend, so here's a post to get us started ...

I took Paula Morris' workshop "Reviving the Novel" last week and it was fabulous. Paula's a great instructor. Classes tended to start with a lesson on some craft aspect, with examples, discussion, and often an in-class exercise. Then we'd workshop two people's novel excerpts each day. Paula was very responsive to the class' requests, and she also was responsive to the issues she noticed we were having based upon our samples to workshop. I'd definately recommend this if you want a class that workshops previously existing fiction. I came out of it excited once again about my project, and I felt I had identified and tackled my biggest problem, Point of View.

Welcome to the ISWF blog!

Posted by arctic_twilight on 2005.06.13 at 22:49
Greetings everyone!

At the Wine and Cheese reception, some teachers and students were discussing how we could keep in contact with one another during and after the festival ... and the idea of a blog was born!

So what is a blog, you might ask? It's a Web-log, or blog for short. They serve different purposes depending upon the group of people who are involved, but one way to think about this is as an online community that is an extension of the communities we formed in our workshops this summer at Iowa City. We can discuss anything here --
stuff we found useful, things we're having trouble with;
we can announce contests and awards we think people might want to know about;
get contact info for that person who slipped away without leaving an email address;
suggest exercises for various stages of the writing process
find writers in our area
hold discussions on different aspects of the craft

Perhaps one way to think of a blog is an online cocktail party, where we can all be witty behind our keyboards in the safety of our rooms or coffeeshops. It's several discussion going on at once, in different corners of the room.

The key is to use this resource.

For those of you without blogging experience, it's a painless process to join:
1. Set up an account (for free) with livejournal.com
2. Subscribe yourself to this community
3. You will have the ability to update your blog or update this blog. if you have information to share with writers, please post it to this blog.

For those of you too shy to get a free account, you can still post comments in response to the posts made by members of the ISWF2005 community

For those of you with a livejournal.com account:
Well, you've probably already subscribed yourself; if you haven't, feel free.

We intend for this to be a blog for exchange of information, or anything meant to help ourselves or each other in our craft of writing. Some of the suggestions were for people who want to find out if there are people in their geographic areas (I for one would like to talk with Dayton area people), exchange contact information, inform one another of readings, publishing opportunities, or neat literary goings-on, and for generally keeping us motivated once we leave Iowa City.

Use it wisely, use it respectfully, but by all means, use it!

And welcome to the virtual ISWF2005 :-)

Just a general comment: this is participant-moderated. The ISWF staff are allowing this to run completely independent of the summer festival office, so anything goes, although of course, respect for people, regardless of view, is assumed to be the operating standard of participation in this community.

If you can any questions, email me at arctic_twilight@hotmail.com with "Blog" in the title (I share that email address with several people).