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Good Eats in Iowa City?

Posted by _tadpole_ on 2005.06.27 at 09:10
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Ah the conundrum...food food glorious food...what is there to eat in Iowa City? I want to start a list of places where things are yummy. Here is my two cents:

For takeaway sandwiches and general delicious healthy treats, the deli and hot food counter at New Pioneer Co-op can't be beat. It's at 22 South Van Buren Street...literally two blocks from downtown.

Red Avocado at 521 East Washington St (ie kitty corner from the co-op) has organic veggie cuisine and an awesome little garden to sit around in. They have an AMAZING green salad, impeccably dressed.

Atlas World Grill...lots of people find Atlas (127 Iowa Ave). But it's real good, if you're up for a splurge. Last time I went there Michael Cunningham was at the table behind me.

Wi-fi hotspots Java House (try the tropical iced tea!) and The Cottage Bakery and Cafe (14 S.Linn St) are great hang-out options. The Cottage has good warm lunches. Java House (College St) is a likely place to bump into fellow workshop participants.

Happy Dining. Remember: you can't write if you're hungry!


_tadpole_ at 2005-06-27 14:26 (UTC) (Link)

And lest I forget...

The chocolate milkshake at Whitey's (College St) was gooooooooood.

If you're in a hurry, the taco salad at Panchero's (32 S. Clinton) is pretty decent. You can choose a variety of toppings.

And the sandwiches at Jimmy J's (College St) are good and fresh too. I like the neon sign outside: "Free Smells!"

By the way, Atlas World Grill's address is 127 Iowa Ave.
marilynd3 at 2005-06-27 15:12 (UTC) (Link)

More great eateries

There are two excellent Indian restaurants in town: one just a door or two away from Prairie Lights bookstore (Masala Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, 9 S. Dubuque) and the other--India Cafe, 227 E. Washington St.--a block or three due east of the Ped Mall. I also love The Bread Garden, 224 S. Clinton, which is up the hill from the classroom building and to the right about 1-2 blocks. It's a cafeteria-style place featuring yummy home-made soups, sandwiches, and salads, along with desserts 2-die-4; you'll find many ISWF folks there at lunch time.
_tadpole_ at 2005-06-28 03:22 (UTC) (Link)

I found another one!

The Pita Pit, near Atlas on Iowa, has awesome, fresh pitas with good protein in it. You choose from a wide range of fillings. Good for a quick bite, which is often all I got here at the Summer Writer's Program!! So much to do...you know what I mean.
(Anonymous) at 2005-06-28 19:44 (UTC) (Link)

Re: I found another one!

just another vote in favour of the co-op. :-)

i lived on co-op food and java house coffee my two weeks there. a sandwich and fizzy water and piece of fruit will cost just over $3 at the coop. nice and cheap, vegan and organic. yay.

also, if you need laundry detergent, take an empty container to the coop and get laundry detergent in bulk. it cost 11 cents for enough detergent for two loads of wash. can't be beat.

z'marik's next to prarie lights has nice bowls, varying from pasta (which i didn't try) to asian.

brown bottle was also good.

warning about cottage inn: they sometimes use lard in their pastries. i learned this from getting really sick on what was supposed to be a vegan pastry. it contained some type of animal lard. so if you're veggie, i'd steer clear of their baked goods.

(Anonymous) at 2005-07-07 14:03 (UTC) (Link)

126 for a treat

126 is wonderful. It isn't cheap, but for a treat it can't be beat. The appetizer menu has some less expensive items. I especially like the pizza.

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