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raves about workshops/instructors

Posted by arctic_twilight on 2005.06.24 at 00:10
Several people have informally talked about the workshops they highly recommend, so here's a post to get us started ...

I took Paula Morris' workshop "Reviving the Novel" last week and it was fabulous. Paula's a great instructor. Classes tended to start with a lesson on some craft aspect, with examples, discussion, and often an in-class exercise. Then we'd workshop two people's novel excerpts each day. Paula was very responsive to the class' requests, and she also was responsive to the issues she noticed we were having based upon our samples to workshop. I'd definately recommend this if you want a class that workshops previously existing fiction. I came out of it excited once again about my project, and I felt I had identified and tackled my biggest problem, Point of View.


(Anonymous) at 2005-06-25 05:11 (UTC) (Link)

Janet DeSaulniers!!

If you get a chance to work with Janet DeSaulniers, make sure you do. Her "Don't Throw Your Baby Out with the Bathwater: Editing the Original" was a great class for all levels of experience. I was very satisfied with the workshopping of my manuscript, got inspiration to create new work, and discovered new narrative voices. Janet was a peerless facilitator, instructor and editor. The class description fit the content very well, and I know a lot of people in the class who are willing to come back and take the *same* course next summer!
_tadpole_ at 2005-06-29 04:03 (UTC) (Link)

Gordon Mennenga

He's my man! If you have a novel you've been working on, and want practical, sound, experienced advice, make sure you catch a summer with the wonderful, one and only, Gordon Mennenga.
(Anonymous) at 2005-07-02 06:21 (UTC) (Link)

raves about workshops/instructors

I took Beggining The Novel with Gordon Mennenga, highly recommended. Also, you´ll enjoy his cute little smile, he´s great, excellent insights about your work and he´s generous. Think about him for next year!
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