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The Luscious, Very Kissy, Smoochy Valentine Poem

Posted by _tadpole_ on 2005.06.28 at 22:52
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Michael Dennis Brown, poet, had us recite this today at Elevenses, and it was so popular, I thought I'd render it for those who want a copy. If you appreciate this service, please look at the other blog entries and leave your comments there too! Current message boards include restaurant and good instructor recommendations. Jump on in!

The Luscious, Very Kissy, Smoochy Valentine Poem
-3rd grade class poem, Whapeton Elementary, North Dakota

Kiss me sweetheart,
I'm your brainless mudpie.
Kiss me, baby,
You're an empty piece of paper
for me to smooch
With muddy lizard fish lips.
I love you true
Like O + O = 2 zeros,
But even math has problems!

Kiss me sweetheart,
My blue kangaroo.
I love you true
As bats hate light!
be my earthquake, darling,
Be my molten lava honeybun
And we'll spin around
Like Earth kissing Mars!

Kiss me, luscious lips.
Pulverize me,
Make me melt
Like ice cream.

Kiss me darling,
My dancing pineapple,
My rubber cement
My broccoli popsicle.

Kiss me, you fool!

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